Architecture Infographic From Europe – November 20th, 2014

Every work place is a little different and the architecture of the building can define the mood of employees. Now some of the buildings are truly amazing, outrageous and totally inviting. Now I love the look of North Office at the BBC, I sure those oval green seating are cosy. Then there is the white futuristic seating – very cool and slick. Like you are on the Enterprise of something like that.

Then there is Edinburgh – they were lucky to get such a lovely day there – I’m unsure how often the light box ceiling would allow the blue sky in.

The Red Bull Abstract Angular in Amsterdam is huge media hub covering 10 football fields in size.

The Macquarie Office is a little stayed, however it is to provide Financial Transparency.

Then there is Nike London Head Quarters – “Just Do It” is clean and light.

However the number 1 is Bahnhoff AB in Stockhold which look mysterious down within a white mountain cave.

Top 10 Coolest Offices 2013: Amazing Architecture

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