Renovate or detonate! What should You Do? – August 22nd, 2014

When considering your options of renovating or demolishing a place you need to consider all the factors. Cost time and stress.

You need to consider what is the current state of play. What is the condition of the place?

Check out the place – will a good clean be able to help? Is it a matter of just cleaning the carpets. Well in this case, cleaning the carpets will just not cut it – as that is ground in dirt and oil in the carpet and it will never be able to be cleaned. This is even worst that Pro Harts dirty carpet.


dirty carpet

filthy carpet

Will a good lick of paint help or is it too far gone for that. Is the paint pealing and flaking? Is the paint lead based? If so, there are additional expenses to dealing with at.

You can get some excellent results by renovating your place, but remember to choose your colors well. Carpet and paint colors need to compliment each other not clash.



renovated and new carpet

Then consider will your drams match with your carpet and your existing furniture? Or will you need to replace your furniture to match the new room?

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