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Architecture Infographic From Europe – 20. November, 2014

Every work place is a little different and the architecture of the building can define the mood of employees. Now some of the buildings are truly amazing, outrageous and totally inviting. Now I love the look of North Office at the BBC, I sure those oval green seating are cosy. Then there is the white futuristic seating – very cool and slick. Like you are on the Enterprise of something like that.

Then there is Edinburgh – they were lucky to get such a lovely day there – I’m unsure how often the light box ceiling would allow the blue sky in.

The Red Bull Abstract Angular in Amsterdam is huge media hub covering 10 football fields in size.

The Macquarie Office is a little stayed, however it is to provide Financial Transparency.

Then there is Nike London Head Quarters – “Just Do It” is clean and light.

However the number 1 is Bahnhoff AB in Stockhold which look mysterious down within a white mountain cave.

Top 10 Coolest Offices 2013: Amazing Architecture

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Renovate or detonate! What should You Do? – 22. August, 2014

When considering your options of renovating or demolishing a place you need to consider all the factors. Cost time and stress.

You need to consider what is the current state of play. What is the condition of the place?

Check out the place – will a good clean be able to help? Is it a matter of just cleaning the carpets. Well in this case, cleaning the carpets will just not cut it – as that is ground in dirt and oil in the carpet and it will never be able to be cleaned. This is even worst that Pro Harts dirty carpet.


dirty carpet

filthy carpet

Will a good lick of paint help or is it too far gone for that. Is the paint pealing and flaking? Is the paint lead based? If so, there are additional expenses to dealing with at.

You can get some excellent results by renovating your place, but remember to choose your colors well. Carpet and paint colors need to compliment each other not clash.



renovated and new carpet

Then consider will your drams match with your carpet and your existing furniture? Or will you need to replace your furniture to match the new room?

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Architectural Apartment Living – 20. July, 2012

With the way that the economy sits today more people than ever are considering renting an apartment instead of buying a home. The advantages are clear of renting such as allowing people to be more flexible with shorter leases in case they end up needing to move again to secure a new job. If you are a homeowner you will not be able to relocate yourself as easy as if you were renting a space where you would only need to wait for your lease to end. Renting an apartment also has its disadvantages including less privacy than if you were to be living in a home by yourself. However with proper building architecture the privacy can be greatly improved by placing common walls in such ways that allow for less sounds to pass through the walls of each renter.

Before you sign any lease contract be sure to make sure that the place is what you are looking for. There is a lot more important variables that will make themselves clear as time passes on if you had forgot to take them into consideration in the first place. The price and size of the apartment are the two key factors that most people focus on during their search. Before you move in you will want to familiarize yourself with the policy for utilities, parking, pets, and amenities. There are many calculators available online to estimate how much you would be paying for your electricity and water, you can use these numbers to figure out what the total cost of rent and utilities would be for each place you are considering. This will help you get a better idea on the actual cost of living in each of the locations.

One of the very important aspects that people overlook when they are looking into renting an apartment is the architecture of the building and the rooms within it. It starts from the outside of the building with parking, be sure to ask if you have to pay for a spot or if you are given a spot or garage when you rent. Some buildings architecture is laid out in such ways that common areas such as washing machine and drier areas share walls with bedrooms. It is obvious that anyone in that apartment would have to deal with an extra amount of noise due to this lack of planning by either the landlord or an architect. An apartment complex with proper architecture will give everyone within the building a positive experience, and will provide a bit of privacy when they access their front door and amenities. The better the architecture of the building the more likely you are to enjoy your renting experience.

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Architecture Accommodation – 2. June, 2012

When it comes time for you to start to seek a new living accommodation there are many factors which you will need to look over and consider before you make the move. It doesn’t matter if you are buying a new home for yourself or renting a storefront for a new business venture, you will be missing out on potential value if you do not consider the architecture within the space. From the very start of the building process professionals are hired to design and plan out the building or home that is going to be constructed. In shared buildings such as apartment complexes the design elements that go into the accommodations will often aim to make the shared spaces feel a bit more personal to the people who will use them. When the stairways and halls that are shared between renters have a bit more sense of ownership tenants will tend to keep them more clean and clutter free.

When you are trying to figure out how to get the most out of your new accommodation you can hire an interior architect to help you analyze the space you have and plan how to adjust the area to your own needs. The interior architect will work along side of contractors to get the project moving along quickly as well. A lot of people will think to themselves that hiring such a professional will be a waste of money, and that they could do everything themselves. However you will almost always get a much better value and better results when you hire a professional to help assist you.

When you hire someone to plan out the architecture of your accommodation you will quickly start to see the many benefits. These professionals will have a lot of experience and connections with contractors and suppliers. Instead of trying to travel around to every store you can think of to find a certain piece of furniture or room decoration, you can often use the connections of the architect to get you just what you are looking for at close to wholesale prices. Until you have started to redesign an area yourself you will not realize just how much effort and collaboration is required to find everything you need, and to either do all of the work yourself or find the contractors to do it for you. No matter if you are just planning on redoing a single room or redoing a whole floor of your accommodation you can be certain that an interior architect will be able to save you a whole lot of stress and time, and in most cases money too.

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