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Working towards Sustainable living with Allan Pidgeon – 6. November, 2016

Sustainable living is have an interconnection with everything including the environment and fell man according to Allan Pidgeon. It is the act of having respect for the planet and the next generation.

Working towards Sustainable living with Allan Pidgeon

So here are the top 10 tops from Allan Pidgeon on sustainable living.

1.       Start with the power – it if not required turn it off. As these electronic devices and only increasing your power bill and burning fossil fuels at the power station.

2.       Minimize your use of disposable items as they are not good for the environment what ever way you look at it. From the productions through to the land fill that is created when they are disposed of.

3.       Consider water as liquid gold – as it is the heart of everything so have shorter showers, fix leak taps, don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth, installed toilets with half flush systems. Capture rain water in rain tanks and us this water for toilets, washing machines out door watering. Consider using grey water as well.

4.       Upgrade your light bubs in your house to led lights as they will drastically reduce your household power consumption.

5.       Reuse clothing – reuse, recycle. If you wore it for 10 min’s does it really need to be washed can it be worn tomorrow after work again?

6.       Have a garden – plant your own vegie patch. It helps reduce stress and is excellent for the plant. As you are not having to have a truck deliver fruit and vegetable help way across the country as these fresh fruit and vegetables were grown in your own back yard.

7.       Buy a bike – yes we all love our cars but do you really need to drive to the corner shop to buy a coffee. Also how many people do you see driving to work by them selves? Ever considered car pooling. You will save money and might even make a few new friends in the office.

8.       When buying white goods consider the star rating as the high the stars the less power you will consume.

9.       Install Solar Power – you can half your power bills and it can pay for its self in less then 4 years depending on the size of the system you install. But It is a sound investment and good for the environment. And will increase your property value at the end of time.


Allan Pidgeon has describe 9 easy steps to reduce your impact on the environment and also increase the value of your property with some of these steps. They are practical tips and have life time impacts for future generations.

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Essentials of Landscaping – 7. December, 2014

Your success in good landscaping begins with a great plan. Don’t forget to have a well-planned landscaping project before starting your task. It will help simplify your job. It will shorten the amount of time in creating a beautiful outside setting.

Yards can be categorized into two: first, one that makes you feel peaceful where elements harmonize with each other. And second, one that makes you feel chaotic and tired. Most likely it is the first category that you like better.

Knowing the essentials of landscaping

Regardless of what you do, knowing the essential things are always important. And in the area of landscaping, this rule also applies. Essential things are needed to landscaping and choosing your design.

landscaping ideas

If you’re a gardener or a homeowner, it’s vital for you to know the essentials of good landscaping. Certainly, there are specific components in acquiring the perfect design. These components will help you produce a feasible landscaping. Doing the basics is easy to learn! The truth about this is that they almost come naturally.

The basic things include unity, simplicity, balance and focalization. These four are very important and if you follow them, your design will become remarkable. Regardless of the size of your landscape, these things should be applied to heighten both your home and your garden.

Do’s and dont’s in landscaping

In order to obtain harmony and balance for your landscape, several things must be done and others must be avoided. Here are the do’s and dont’s in landscaping:


Do have a good plan first.

As stated earlier, you must have a good plan. The result becomes more pleasant if you begin it with a plan. Have a calculation of what you want to do, the tools you need, the types of plants and, of course, your budget.

Do lose your lawn.

Planting your lawn is much similar to pouring everything into your carpet which dominates the room. But, don’t you need un uncovered flooring for the people to find pleasure in your furnishings, artworks, lamps and other home decors? In landscaping, wouldn’t it be perfect to pick neutral materials like decomposed granite in order to give way to your favourite plants? So, it really helps if you lose your landscape.


Don’t throw in all your favourite plants.

Each kind of plant may be of value to you. But if your home is a Spanish style, then your designer can use sub-tropical classic palette with bougainvillea, miniature date palm with bird of paradise. These are the perfect ones for your landscaping. Therefore, avoid mixing all your favourite plants. Don’t scatter them in your landscape area.

Don’t place various plants.

Excessive variety of plants will destroy the design, rather than improving it. A scene that looks messy is not good for a landscape. You can have the best option by maintaining only six or five kinds of plants in your yard. According to experts, it’s good to put plants then layer them. Put the larger plants at the back of the small or medium-sized plants.

The natural beauty of landscaping is in the eye of the gardener. Having the knowledge about the basics will guide the beginner to set up an easy and attractive landscape.

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